Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prayer for Our Families

Last Advent, it seemed my sisters and I had many things on our minds and in our prayers—hopes and fears and always gratitude for the many ways in which we have been blessed.

Borrowing from a few different sources, I came up with a prayer that we could share, words that would bring us together in prayer even though we live 400 miles apart.

This year my sister Jane is framing the prayer for some of her friends. She got the creative gene that seemed to pass me by and she’s framing them with beautiful scrapbooking paper, colored ink, etc. What I lack in craft skills, hopefully I can make up in my desire to share this prayer beyond my own family to all families who wish to pray together, even when not together.

And while I know all of our prayers were answered in one way or another, and other urgent needs arose over the course of the year, there is no more tangible sign of God’s life and love in our family than Jane’s precious grandson, for whom she so fervently prayed this time last year. Tommy, born this past July, most certainly is the answer to our 2012 Advent prayers. May you know the answer to your prayers with as much joy in the coming year!

Prayer for Our Family
Loving God,
We praise and thank you
for the gift of our beloved parents,
siblings, spouses and loved ones,
children, grandchildren, and
those yet to be born into this world.
We cherish them all.
Surround them with your tender loving care,
teach them to serve one another
in true affection and
to trust in you for all their needs.
We place them all in your care,
knowing that your love for them
is so much greater than our own.
Keep us close to one another in this life
and guide us at the last to our true
and heavenly home in your presence.
Blessed be God and
blessed be our family forever.


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