Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sharing the Light--This Week!

In this coming Sunday’s Gospel, we hear about the call of the disciples, how each of us is called by name for a specific purpose in the discipleship of the Lord Jesus. All of us are called to share the light of Christ.

One of our RCIA candidates recently said in response to this Gospel truth, “That’s scary.”

Isn’t that the truth, too? What if we miss God’s call? What if we don’t get it?

Fortunately, that’s why God gives us faith for life and a lifelong journey so that over and over again we have the opportunity to hear where we are being directed and chosen for the work of God—today, in this time and place.

In the past week at St. Joseph’s we have seen people witnessing to the love of Jesus Christ in so many ways. Here’s just a few ways people are sharing the light:

Our Martha Ministers outdid themselves in hospitality and pastoral care for parishioners and others in our community who currently are caregivers, and for those whose loved ones have now gone home to God;

Parish Social Outreach leaders have challenged us to learn more about Rochester ACTS—Alliance of Communities Transforming Society—so that St. Joseph’s may be part of this urban/suburban partnership to “to train and empower citizens to shape the political, social and economic decisions that impact their lives;”

Too many people have volunteered for our homeless outreach next week in partnership with St. Mary’s downtown … so much food was contributed to Phillip the Van that we need to find alternative ways to manage the food in February!

People of all ages (toddler on up) gathered to talk about ways to form the faith of our youngest parishioners—how do we best plant “seeds of faith”?;

Parents are learning in faith in anticipation of preparing their children for First Eucharist this Easter season;

New Bible studies are beginning;

And more…

I am blessed to be part of a community with so many opportunities to hear God’s call and to share the light of Christ received in Baptism.


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