Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On Turning Another Year Older

We’ve all heard that at some point in life it’s just no fun getting another year older. And who wants to work all day (and evening) on their birthday? Or celebrate a birthday in January, so soon after the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior?

Well, I am certainly beyond the age at which it is not supposed to be fun anymore. And the Christmas season has barely come to a close with the Baptism of our Lord this past Sunday. And my calendar was as full as it could be yesterday with meetings from morning to night.

And yet, from beginning to end, yesterday was not just fun but full of life and warmth. This is my first birthday since joining the social media realm. Wow, does Facebook make birthdays a public event! As does spending the evening in prayer and discussion with our Pastoral Council members (meaningfully, about what it really means to love the poor).

I don’t think I have ever been wished a happy birthday by so many people.

My deepest thanks to family, friends, and beloved colleagues in ministry who made it such an enjoyable (and fattening!) celebration. My life is already so blessed with loving family and friends and the church community that I love that it is just that much more enriched now with the extra cookies, cakes, chocolate, flowers, Vera pencils and more. Not to mention a late night singing voicemail!

Like Christmas, may all of our birthdays, all year long, be a celebration of the presence of God coming into the world – present in each and every person who chooses to share the love and peace of Christ with one another.

With gratitude. Blessings!
P.S. Laura’s birthday is tomorrow, January 15!

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